Vmware passthrough nvidia gt 710

One of my customers needed a way to use 4 monitors on his vmware server.

There where 2 Geforce GT710’s available. We don’t need high end 3D stuff.

To get this working i had to put the 2 cards in passthrough mode.

To do this go to Host -> Manage -> Hardware, check both cards and click on Toggle passthrough.

Now the cards will show up when you edit the VM.

Shut down the vm, if it’s running, and go to edit settings, click on add other device, and choose the pci devices where you enabled the passthrough.

On the gt 710 devices you need to put some extra options, otherwise the passthrough doesn’t seem to work.

In the settings menu go to VM Options -> Advanced -> Configuration Parameters: Edit Configuration

Add these parameters:

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE
pciPassthru.64bitMMIOSizeGB = “64”

I found this on the internet about the pciPassthru.64bitMMIOSizeGBs setting.

Specifying the 2nd entry requires a simple calculation. Count the number of high-end PCI devices(*) you intend to pass into the VM, multiply that number by 16 and then round up to the next power of two. For example, to use passthrough with two devices, the value would be: 2 * 16 = 32, rounded up to the next power of two to yield 64. For a single device, use 32. Use this value in the 2nd entry:

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Using ubuntu stock kernels on OVH

One of my clients wanted to host his vm’s on OVH. So we ordered a dedicated server and i began to setup XEN on it.

As they depend on a recent ixgbe module i had some problems with the networking, after booting the server with a 3.x stock kernel the ipmi wasn’t working.

This is how it worked for me

* Install latest 4.xx kernel (mine was 4.2.0-34-generic )
* cd /usr/src/
* Download latest ixgbe package: wget

Now go into the webmanager tool and open a ipmi kvm session.

ovh control panel

* Reboot the server once you are connected to the ipmi

Time to build the new driver
* cd /usr/src/ixgbe-4.xx
* make
* make install

Time to test it
* rmmod ixgbe
* modinfo ixgbe | grep version
You should see something like “version: 4.3.13”

Where the version should match the version of the file you downloaded

If this looks oke, load the module using modprobe

* modprobe ixgbe

you should now have a working internet connection.

Now it’s time to rebuild the initramfs package so the new module is loaded when we reboot the server.

* uname -r
should give you the kernel name, something like “4.2.0-34-generic”

* update-initramfs -k 4.2.0-34-generic -u

reboot and your internet should work.

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Security ubuntu feisty package: Bash

Because i have this one server which is still running ubuntu feisty, I had to build my own bash packages to prevent the system from becoming to be abused using the shellshock bug.


The package can be download here.

The tar with the source can be downloaded here.

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