Retrieving your private SSL key with IIS 7

Open the MMC window ( start -> run -> mmc) and go to file -> add/remove snap-in, choose certificates from this list. Click on Add and choose Computer account in the list.

Click Next and select Local computer, and click Finish and then Ok.

Go to Certificates (local computer) -> personal -> certificates.

On the existing SSL certificate, right mouse click -> all tasks -> export. Enable Export the private key and follow the next steps. (to check, is dit niet voor import?)

So now we have an encrypted pfx file, to retrieve our private SSL key use these commands.

openssl pkcs12 -in publicAndprivate.pfx -nocerts -out privateKey.pem

This outputs the private key, but this still has a password.

openssl rsa -in privateKey.pem -out private.pem

Now we have our private key in a clear text file.

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